Your bathroom can often be one of the most used rooms in your house and is visited by not only yourself, but also your family, friends and visitors. So why do we neglect our bathrooms over other rooms in the home?

As well as being one of the most used rooms in your home, your bathroom can also be one of the hardest to decorate at the same time. Whether you have a tiny bathroom, a large bathroom or a separate toilet and wash room, getting the colour scheme, accessories and flooring can be a minefield if not dealt with by the professionals.

Stuart Wylie would to let you in on some of our secrets when it comes to decorating your bathroom and how you can transform your home without breaking the bank.

Alternative Mix and Match Products

Long gone is the trend of matching your products to your colour scheme. When it comes to bathrooms, you can mix and match colours and themes so that you don’t have to necessarily get the paintbrush out every time you want to update your bathroom.

By painting your bathroom one solid colour or by having feature walls, you are able to mix and match your products whenever you feel like it. Choose toothbrush holders, towels, bins and bath mats in various colours and make your room pop when you feel like it!

Check out our previous work on a client’s bathroom in which we added a mural on the wall to make their bathroom personal and also unique.

Recycle and Upcycle

Whether you are great at decorating or not, recycling your other accessories around your home is easy enough. Once you get involved in recycling and upcycling other materials and patterns, you will be able to make your bathroom into something beautiful in no time at all.

Think about those old side cabinets you have in your bedroom. You could paint them white, scuff them a bit and create something shabby chic for your bathroom counter! Without having to buy new furniture, you have a new side cabinet you can admire for years to come.

Using vintage furniture is a classic way of adding elegance to your bathroom and Red Book Mag totally agree with this.

Add A Touch of Luxury

Adding that luxury feel you are looking for doesn’t need to come in the form of gold-plated taps and luxury flooring. You can easily add the impression of luxury with plush towels, precious accessories and sleek modern appliances that don’t have to cost ‘an arm and a leg’.

You can find affordable pieces that when placed together in your bathroom can add the luxury you are looking for. With no need to rearrange your bathroom or get a whole new suite, simply add items that might seem expensive when really they were from the local pound shop!

Real Homes recently posted that a “designer-look living space doesn’t need to cost the earth”, so why make it that way? Make investments and your home will speak for itself.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Doing all of your DIY yourself means that you will see a lot more value in the end product rather than paying a contractor to take care of it all. Although Stuart Wylie are here to help with the all-important decorating, you are able to make some changes yourself such as flooring and lighting without needing to call in the professionals.

Make sure you are skilled enough to cope with what you are applying in your bathroom and you will have an updated, luxury bathroom in no time without the hassle of spending a fortune.

You don’t need a big decorating budget to create a luxurious bathroom, as long as you know the best color secrets”, the Spruce.

How Does Your Bathroom Smell?

If your bathroom is looking for that luxury elegance without the price tag, adding a fresh new smell can make the world of difference. We all agree that when it has a pleasant scent we instantly feel a certain way towards the bathroom rather than disgust at the usual standard smells.

We suggest adding a luxury scent in the form of either reed diffusers, plug in scents and motion sensors that let off a spurt of fragrance when a guest enters the bathroom. There is nothing quite like a beautiful smelling bathroom, so what are you waiting for?

Get in Touch

To find out how you can upgrade your bathroom to add the luxury class you are looking for, get in touch with Stuart Wylie today on 01702 477 401 or 07850 684 873.


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