Although many homeowners focus on the interior of their property, it really pays to pay attention to your exterior also.

Seen as the 21st June has been and gone, summer is well and truly in full swing and whether you have the sunshine or not, you should be able to enjoy your outdoor space. As Britain is famous for rainy summers and even colder winters, we need to embrace the bit of sun we do have and get outside at every opportunity with the garden area to match.

Don’t Forget Your Front Garden

Homeowners often focus all efforts on the back of the house exterior and forget about the front. As the first part of your home that visitors see, you need to make sure that it is just as welcoming as the people inside and the back garden behind.

Before planning parties and bringing out your wicker furniture, take a look at the floor and the walls to see if you want to re-decorate or upgrade your exterior décor. Don’t panic if your front exterior isn’t up to scratch because Stuart Wylie in Essex is here to save the day!

Design It How You Want It

Forget the magazines and readers digest telling you how to decorate your outdoor areas, just do it the exact way you want it! Most experts say follow the trends but we suggest that you make it as homely as possible and as much like your interior to create the comfortable vibes you want this summer.

No one enjoys sitting in monotone colours, so brighten it up with a backwash of colour or just some special wow features!

Citrus Hues Are In

This summer, citrus hues are in, including oranges, reds and yellows of all shades. As a warm colour, we can image ourselves sunning on the beach, cocktail in hand and relax, no matter where we are or whatever the weather is.

Sun terraces with terra-cotta features and millennial pinks are back in fashion as retro starts to make even more of a comeback.

Outdoor Art Features

A lot of our customers think that because we are decorators, we only work indoors but this is far from correct! Our skills adventure outdoors too and we love working with property exteriors all over the Essex and surrounding areas.

Gallery walls work perfectly indoors, so why not take it outside? Stuart Wylie quite often completely upgrade home exterior and add splashes of colour, texture and can transform your home or commercial building into exactly what you want it. As well as murals and hanging large art pieces, there is nothing our team can’t do to make your back garden, or front, the art feature of your dreams.

If you have blank walls and you don’t know what to do with it, take some inspiration from Better Home and Gardens with their ’39 Blank Wall Solutions’.

Get in Touch

To find out how you can totally transform your home exterior, give us a call today on 01702 477 401 or 07850 684 873.

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