Are you stuck for choice when it comes to home decorating? Are you struggling to choose a colour scheme that is both modern and traditional? Find out below which colours will make you happy and exactly where to place them in your home.

All homes, over time, need a face lift and refreshment when it comes to interior décor. If we all stuck with the same colours from when we first decorated, we are sure that we would be seeing some funky oranges and questionable patterns every now and again.

But the biggest struggle of all when it comes to redecorating is choosing the right colours! With the colours in your home having a massive impact on your mood and emotions, it is important to choose the right ones first time to avoid costly decorating bills and frequent changes.

Yellow Tones

Mood Changing Paint ColoursWe all class yellow as a summery, happy colour and that is exactly what the paint colour promotes. Being associated with cheeriness and often babies’ bedrooms, yellow can be luminous, subtle and warm in whatever room you choose to use it.

As well as being energizing, welcoming and opening up small spaces, yellow is a popular choice for homeowners in the Spring or Summer times of year.


Baby Blue

Baby blue is soft, natural and also calming in any room in your home. Being an airy colour that can be pulled across bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, Stuart Wylie are no stranger to a baby blue hue.

However, as calming as blue can be, we advise on choosing the right shade before applying it all over your wall. Blue can often have a chilling effect in certain areas where natural light is low so we suggest pairing it with a warmer colour or adding warm tones throughout.


Silver? You might be saying, no, never! But silver is quickly on the rise for being both modern and simplistic at the same time. Blended with softer tones and added to use as a highlighter in large spaces, silver can really transform any room from bland to bling.

Promote a sense of wealth in your home without having to break the bank.


Proven to reduce anxiety, “beige greens and pale yellow-greens are the most stress-reducing shades in the green family, which can to mind soothing nature scenes”, Huffington Post. As well as promoting wealth, balance and nature, greens are often used in the most used areas in the home like your kitchen or living room.

Green also promotes calmness in areas like offices or bedrooms.



Stuart Wylie are well aware of the mood-changing colours and where to place them. Below is a quick list with suggestions on where to place certain colours throughout your home.

  • Blue – Offices and bedrooms
  • Green – Bedrooms and kitchens
  • Yellow – Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Orange – Living and dining rooms
  • Red – Bedrooms and dining rooms
  • Pink – Bedrooms
  • Lilac – Bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Grey – Anywhere
  • Black – In moderation anywhere

Information is taken from an infographic by interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott.

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