Every home needs a refresh every now and again and what better time to do so as the Spring sun shines and you say bye to the cold Winter months.

Stuart Wylie Decorators are in high demand every time Spring comes around and as people start their spring cleans throughout March they really get to see the paint underneath the dust. Homeowners feel the need to update and refresh their décor and our team are on hand to deliver the outstanding results you are looking for every time.

Below are some of the leading trends this Spring and something that our team can assist with in your home throughout Essex and the surrounding areas.

Pretty Palettes

As woolly jumpers and warming colours disappear with the cold weather, spring makes way for pretty palettes, soft pastels and lighter colours throughout the whole home. As one of the quickest and most affordable ways to upgrade your home, adding a lick of paint professionally can totally transform your rooms for the lighter nights to come.

Either paint an accent wall, stay to light pastels or add features in that are brighter and more neutral.

Ombre Is Back in Fashion

The old age design of ombre colours is coming back in fashion. Better Homes & Gardens recently said that refreshing an old dresser, console or nightstand with the paint effect can totally bring any room to life. Using soft Spring shades, transitioning from dark to light can draw the eye to where it needs to be and can also create the light and uplifting space you need.

Use soft shades to gradually get lighter on your wall or furniture. Green, pink and yellow are popular this year.

Refresh Your Wallpaper

Whether you have plain walls or a funky wallpaper, simply updating these as the seasons change can really bring your home into the current climate. No one wants to look at dark colours when the sun is shining so bring some colour into your home with simple accent wallpaper and brighter colours.


As the colours outside change from gloomy grey to perfectly sunny and pastel, our interiors also request a bit of a refresh — and there’s no better way for your space to blossom than by celebrating the trends of the season”, Elle Décor.

Green Is the Colour of Spring

This year’s biggest trending colour is green – all shades to be precise. From mint, pistachio and even olive, green brings nature inside throughout Spring to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Martha Stewart spoke about bringing green indoors and mentioned that Farrow & Ball paints, that we use, are her favourite in the shade Green Blue No. 84.

Take a look at our gallery to view some of our previous work.

With great depth, coverage and amazing colours to choose from, we work with Farrow & Ball paints to provide our clients with the best finishes possible. As well as paints, accessories, furniture and frames are a brilliant way of bringing fresh green colours into your home.

Other tips to bring Spring into your home include:

  • Indoor plants
  • Bird themes
  • Navy Blue instead of black
  • Wooden tiles and worktops for natural appearance
  • Clean acrylic pieces
  • Fresh flowers
  • Cherry blossom designs

Get in Touch

Find out how you can bring Spring to life in your home by calling Stuart Wylie Decorators now on 01702 477 401 or 07850 684 873.


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