Is your office space bland and boring? Don’t let it drag you down and update it today with some fantastic office decorating tips from Stuart Wylie Decorators!

With years of experience working in the decorating industry, you no longer have to look at the same four blank walls. Utilising expertise, quality materials and a keen eye for detail we can totally transform your office space in the blink of an eye.

Functional Workspace

As much as you would like your office space to resemble your home interior of comfy couches and plump pillows, you do need some functionality in your surroundings. Creating a functional workspace at your office facility whilst still being ergonomically friendly, means that you can make use of both comfort and stability therefore creating the perfect workspace for you and your team.

Find the right tables, chairs, equipment and seating areas that work for your business and you will never look back. Get Stuart Wylie to install them at your office space and you working ability is sure to improve.

Personality Should Shine Through

When designing your office décor, you need to look for the features that stand out to you. Anything that goes with your business personal style, colour or pattern should be incorporated in any way possible to really stamp your brand across the office to not only employees but also for potential clients that may visit.

Go with your head, not your heart. What you may love to do might not work with your office, so always think practically before completing your design briefs.

Focal Point Lighting

Using the right lighting matters a lot more than people first think. Getting any old light fitting to do the most important job in your office will not suffice for large scale offices of any design, shape or structure.

Stuart Wylie advise all offices to make use of the natural lighting you are lucky to have. There are a lot of offices out there who are knocking down walls, creating windows and fighting for natural light in their space, so you need to really make use of what you’ve got to really open up your room. If you are unfortunate to not have a lot of natural lighting available, either soft or white lighting can be the best option for you, depending on the feel and atmosphere you want for your office.

Office lighting does effect productivity, “and although the initial cost of a lighting renovation could seem daunting, the gains due to energy savings and, more importantly, productivity gains more than make up for the cost of the investment”, Andrew Jensen, Efficiency, Growth & Marketing.

Performance Boosting Elements

The first impression that your office resonates is vital to not only your performance personally, but your whole team’s. If you are inviting clients into your office space and you are wanting to create the perfect first impression, then all you need to do is go with what you really want. No one else can make that decision for you regarding what you want your office to look like and the team here at Stuart Wylie are simply following your orders, making recommendations where necessary.

It has also been previously reported by The Guardian that “the idea that buildings influence the health, wellbeing and productivity of their occupants is not new” to both designers and decorators alike. Get your office space right and your employees should have no excuse but to focus on work and their goals.

Get in the mind set of an interior designer and picture what your office could look like, leaving the rest to us to make your dreams come true.

Get in Touch

Regardless of the size, shape or purpose of space we are dealing with, Stuart Wylie can work closely with you to discuss your ideas and make them reality. Call us on 01702 477 401 or 07850 684 873 to find out how you can get commercial or office decorating and design work throughout the Essex and surrounding areas.

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