Do you love the shabby chic look but don’t know where to start? Stuart Wylie are here to show you just how simple bringing the design to your home can really be!

Shabby chic is one of the most popular trends in the decorating market and has been known to bring luxury and budget together. If, like many in the Essex area, you are looking for the luxury element of shabby chic, you are in the right place with our professional team.

Colours Are Key

white-wall-brushStarting with a rustic base and recycled features will get you well on your way to shabby chic in no time at all. According to The Cambridge Independent, shabby chic is one of the biggest trends for 2017 and keeping old tables to upgrade them into new items is the way forward in interior design.

Recycling the ‘old’ for new is a sure fire way of creating a shabby chic design.

The most traditional design of shabby chic is basing your rooms around a white colour scheme and adding in pastel shades, soft colours and textures for the ultimate shabby chic design. “Although white is a key element of the style, soft pastel colours such as sky blue or pale pink also contribute to the look”. Some of the most popular colours that our team have worked with include duck egg blue, champagne pinks and soft lilacs to add a touch of softness to any harsh white room.

Mix and Match

With shabby chic you are allowed free movement of mixing and matching key details. If you like that chair but it doesn’t match the sofa, who cares?! Get it and make sure you add a quilted throw to incorporate the same colour scheme throughout and it will fit right in!

The same goes for patterns throughout your home. Although many may think that shabby chic means strictly white, roughed up woods and reclaimed furniture, you can have as many patterns and colours as you like – as long as it looks inviting and not scary!

Incorporate Every Roomrustic-kitchen

Whether you choose to carry the design throughout the whole house or just in one room, with Stuart Wylie you can get whole home renovation services. Take shabby chic into your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even in your study using the same decorating techniques we have discussed right here in this blog.

Take a look at our gallery for recent projects of ours.

Ideal Home recently reported on various different ways to add the shabby chic design throughout your whole house, especially your bathroom. With so many gorgeous items to choose from at great prices, you can upgrade your whole home with ease.

Reclaimed Furniture

Whether its worn tables, old chairs or even bringing outdoor furniture indoors, reclaimed furniture can really bring your home alive. Follow in the footsteps of shabby chic interior designers and use distressed wood pieces to add nothing but character and warmth to your home.

If you are struggling to find vintage pieces or distressed furniture, simply rough up some new items, paint them accordingly and your furniture will be shabby but still chic in no time at all!

Final Touches

reclaimed-furnitureOur team are great at adding the final touches and take care of everything from floor to ceiling when it comes to interior decorating. Using quality paints, materials and design elements, you can count on us to bring your shabby chic dreams to life.

Don’t delay in making your house a home. 


Get in Touch

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