Staff morale can differ from time to time depending on various circumstances but being in a blank office all day does nothing but reduce the feeling of happiness in the workplace.

Combat this immediately with effective office decorating from Stuart Wylie to ensure your office space is vibrant, suited to your business and the perfect environment for your employees to flourish.

Winning Design

The real winners when it comes to office design are Google by a clear mile. With quirky lounge areas, natural aesthetics, ‘granny flat’ themes and more, Google has really taken the time to create the perfect working environment for all ranges of their employees. Take a look inside here on the Telegraph.

We know you may be thinking “well Google can do this because they are Google”, but there is no reason why you cannot create a bespoke working place for your own business!

Stuart Wylie have worked on numerous bespoke projects in which we have really updated and renovated whole office spaces so that they are unrecognisable from their previous state. Whatever lighting, flooring and decorating ideas you have in mind, we are able to bring them to life in front of your very eyes to make dreams become reality, even if that is just a splash of colour on a feature wall.

Inspiration Zones

All offices need to reflect the industry you are working in. It is no use having a fun playground feel if you are serious accountants but at the same time, who wants to stare at a white desk all day? Finding the balance is important. 

One prime example of a ‘playground office feel’ is Mind Candy, a major player in the London tech scene for children’s games. Working with the latest craze of Moshi Monsters, their office may look like a playground but it is designed to encourage staff to have innovative ideas and to have fun within their work. This theme works perfectly for their business and Stuart Wylie are sure to help your business find theirs.


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Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

Bringing the outdoors into your office gives a natural feel that can really motivate employees in their line of work. We are not suggesting creating an indoor forest area, but adding minor features such as driftwood, patterns, fresh flowers and natural themed extras can really freshen up a place for the better.

Recent studies have proven that a bit of nature in an office can really boost productivity and “when plants were brought into the offices – one plant per square metre- employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests improved substantially“.

Ecosalon published 9 natural DIY projects to bring the outside, inside, so take a look!

Light and Neutral Colour Schemes

Shed some light on the situation and keep your employees’ morale high rather than down in the dumps. Using light and neutral shades on the walls, floors and ceilings promotes a sense of well-being rather than the doom and gloom dark colours can provide.

The colour palette you choose will drastically affect your business, employees and general ambience throughout the office. Stuart Wylie Decorators provide professional advice, guidance and colour palette solutions to really open up your space and create the perfect working environment for your business.

Your aim should be to stimulate the mind and we will take care of the rest.



You have to keep your business values in mind throughout the whole process and our team work well at doing so. We understand that sheep murals in the bathrooms are not everyone’s cup of tea and we work around your personal characteristics to ensure the atmosphere you need personally and more importantly your office space needs.

Call us on 01702 477 401 or 07850 684 873 to find out more about office space renovation to get the flooring, decorating and lighting solutions your business needs to excel.


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